Is what these are.

Here I keep notes on 'all' the albums I listen, as a personal reference to remember me about all the awesome music out there. Most notes will be very positive, because I don't tend to listen to music I don't like.

This is also my online playground to play around with data-sets like these, tinckering with the design, database and code of the website, continually improving it. This means this site gets a facelift like every other day. And shit might not work, don't tell me, I probably already know.

The site is called 'De Maandagavond' (The Mondayevening) and is a remnant of old days of yore, when I would meet up with friends every monday evening to mostly discuss music. That hobby shortly evolved to a local and online radioshow on this domain, and after that crashed and burned, I kept it alive, still dedicated to the music. spotify:track:2kk3Lyl3HUNcNqNvfGGiYr Arrival ()

A very minimalistic, neo-classical soundtrack which is nothing but brooding and brooding, untill the sudden swell of the horns which die away as fast as they came. It's made of course for the suspense of the movie, but it holds up really well on it's own. And there are a few OST that can say that. spotify:track:4VuGSMfhHIOGM5yqybKo2G async ()

A mesmerizing though unsettling ambient record that really grips the listener. The soundscapes are much like the cover art; seemingly simple yet abstract, but take a closer look and you can see there is all kinds of stuff happening beyond first glance, or apprehension. spotify:track:5Z4SgEuauwY3g07FcLfYbk Inform – Educate – Entertain ()

Can't win 'em all. After a astoundingly promising EP, PSB drifts forth in more of the same with less focus. This first full-length is essentially the succesful sound of the EP, but stretched across so many themes it lacks coherence. The record isn't bad, it could've been better. spotify:track:0XksOvuxu75wAj46mZlD6u Noir ()

One of the first encounters I had with postmetal. The mysterious, heavy sound does the title justice. Callisto incorporates shards of jazz to add to the overall tone of the album. The vocals are deep, the production is solid and the album varies enough to keep you interested till the end and repeat. spotify:track:6YdAMflRiTA2qbM7DKFDbg Songs of Love and Death ()

This dark goth/country/americana record from Nergal (Behemoth) is highly personal and comes from the soul. That's all well and good, but it doesn't make it very good nor memorable for the listener. This record is special because it's Nergal, not because it's good gothfolk. This is not his genre. spotify:track:7axv9iAIPHyCW23IfxFwpk Trein Vuur Dageraad ()

Spinvis takes another swing at making happy music, he's sure he'll get it one day. Today though, we get uplifting tunes as a celebration of everyday life and strive. Albums like these speak to the magic of the mundane, I like that. spotify:track:3VuOy2PG8aIJAd0stK7sA3 Vigilance Perennial ()

Falls of Rauros makes it known they have their own sound and stay true to it, and which each release the production value rises. Sadly though, the bone shivering haunting melodies tend to blur together as the best captivating songs are still found on their debut record. spotify:track:3gIdcWWdwAd4g9oeesKBxr Obsidian Arc ()

It's good that Agalloch's spirit lives on, but as of now Pillorian has the status, but not yet the trackrecord. Expect solid, more aggressive and upfront melo-black in a clear production, but don't expect the eerie melancholic magic of Agalloch just yet, spotify:track:7pB7najNNjp8KvBDcmb1YO The Assassination of Julius Ceasar ()

I respect Ulver in their high quality endeavours through which ever genre they do, and this record is of the same high quality. But after listening to it intensely, I find that the suspense and atmosphere of Ulver is ever present but the glossy '80s pop topping does ruin it for me a bit. spotify:track:6RFix0DOQxB5MLLvVmdIa6 The Devil is Fine , ()

Creativity worth praising. This record outgrows genres as a whole, but keeps roots in negro-spirituals and black metal. Mix it up with whatever you can think of, and you get an amazing must-hear-this-mix of music that is not as coherent as an album could be, but none the less damn impressive! spotify:track:2mVILjcUqWMWjqqxBmEbir De Doden Hebben Het Goed II ()

Being blown away as I was by the first, it's impossible for the follow-up to be better. I'd hoped for more of the same, but they've chosen a more agressive, straightforward sound. This is not a bad thing, in fact. it's a very high quality thing. More agressive, less atmosphere. spotify:track:1zXGALNdvdK0vwLkVITkqh Earth I ()

This is getting out of hand. Anyone with a picture of a forest and can release atmospheric blackmetal nowadays. Earth & Pillars does it all; over-long-intros, muddled, unclear production and each track taking about 15 minutes. The sound is a greenish-grey chaos, and never really innovative. spotify:track:34rImtGTgxCP8gUgwi9x0j Elements ()

Soothing downtempo ambient/electro from Russia. Remnant of Abakus and Tycho, Fjordwalker is able to sculpt soundscapes with high production value and incorporate memorable chill-out beats to the mix. Wouldn't mind seeing this at The Cathedral of Chill @ OZORA.