Is what these are.

Here I keep notes on 'all' the albums I listen, as a personal reference to remember me about all the awesome music out there. Most notes will be very positive, because I don't tend to listen to music I don't like.

This is also my online playground to play around with data-sets like these, tinckering with the design, database and code of the website, continually improving it. This means this site gets a facelift like every other day. And shit might not work, don't tell me, I probably already know.

The site is called 'De Maandagavond' (The Mondayevening) and is a remnant of old days of yore, when I would meet up with friends every monday evening to mostly discuss music. That hobby shortly evolved to a local and online radioshow on this domain, and after that crashed and burned, I kept it alive, still dedicated to the music. spotify:track:6RFix0DOQxB5MLLvVmdIa6 The Devil is Fine , ()

Creativity worth praising. This record outgrows genres as a whole, but keeps roots in negro-spirituals and black metal. Mix it up with whatever you can think of, and you get an amazing must-hear-this-mix of music that is not as coherent as an album could be, but none the less damn impressive! spotify:track:2mVILjcUqWMWjqqxBmEbir De Doden Hebben Het Goed II ()

Being blown away as I was by the first, it's impossible for the follow-up to be better. I'd hoped for more of the same, but they've chosen a more agressive, straightforward sound. This is not a bad thing, in fact. it's a very high quality thing. More agressive, less atmosphere. spotify:track:1zXGALNdvdK0vwLkVITkqh Earth I ()

This is getting out of hand. Anyone with a picture of a forest and can release atmospheric blackmetal nowadays. Earth & Pillars does it all; over-long-intros, muddled, unclear production and each track taking about 15 minutes. The sound is a greenish-grey chaos, and never really innovative. spotify:track:34rImtGTgxCP8gUgwi9x0j Elements ()

Soothing downtempo ambient/electro from Russia. Remnant of Abakus and Tycho, Fjordwalker is able to sculpt soundscapes with high production value and incorporate memorable chill-out beats to the mix. Wouldn't mind seeing this at The Cathedral of Chill @ OZORA.

Ember Breather , (, )

Dip in darkness and despair in the deep desolate woods with Veldes. Proper folk-black with decent production and interesting hooks and some quality screams. But on a whole the albums tends to lack variety in sound and foremost in the vocals. A good first impression that I don't think will last. spotify:track:1SkhH8IpSiIfNhn6PcYxNL Teethed Glory and Injury ()

Never was their such an impressive, twisted, avant-garde and progressive piece of pure hate and misery then Altar's final record. The way they disconstruct all known black metal cliches and build it anew in a artsy, abstract but oh-so-compelling way is astounding. spotify:track:0Pk9kB7L1PkgwxBVGVi8Ch Hindsight ()

All your favorite Anathema anthems redone in extra emo melancholy acoustic covers. You'd think the songs would miss the heavy impact, but the focus just shifted from decibels to emotions. Stunning. spotify:track:0HmI8iKZLpa69G4MuNATBN Believe In No Coming Shore ()

An exercise in melancholy of misty mountains and foggy shores. Calm, deep, intense with great writing and production, but not as memorable as it's predecessor. spotify:track:6mCR1Z53hfZCgvw59SDOOH Work And Sing ()

This is what got me in to folk/americana. Essentially a double album with the Doel EP included. Expect eerie lo-fi folk with a ever so eery edge of psychedelics at it's borders. Heartfelt music and lyrics, performed with passion and care. spotify:track:5DMALvd1DmmWc3iVRSXlno A Natural Disaster ()

Somewhere along their search for musical footing, Anathema made this post-rock gem with a heavy focus on it's fuzzy sound with clear, piercing vocals. An honest album to really be believed. spotify:track:5yan2Q1DdhdbocwlnUIzCV Drawing Circles ()

By far my favorite 'math-metal' record ever. The sheer intensity and skewed groovy flow with awesome hardcore vocals is amazing. It's recorded, written and listens like a jigsaw puzzle that can dazzle a man. spotify:track:6nJrRlodtzLccWCke56P1H In The Halls Of Awaiting ()

I hold this one with high regard because it's the first record that really pulled me into the darker territories of metal. In hindsight the production is pretty hollow and the songwriting a tad cliche, but this is definitely MY cliche!

Firewatch ()

Firewatch (the game) is all about interactive storytelling with dialogs, graphics, art and of course music. The music stands fine on it's own, but a few listens in it becomes apparent that the best way to listen this soundtrack is in the game.